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The WhizKids scientific adventures on CD-ROM are a unique way for your curious 8- to 12-year olds to learn while having fun. Along with Beppo and their other favourite WhizKids characters from Les Débrouillards magazine, they’ll set off on a voyage of discovery featuring some very up-to-date scientific issues!

Through entertaining quests, players get to put some scientific concepts into practice. They’ll absorb fascinating information from the printable fact sheets, including some simple experiments they can do at home. The CD-ROMs even include educational activities for the whole family, for enjoyment that continues long after the computer is turned off.

The CD-ROMs, designed and scripted by CREO to reflect the Québec Education Program, have been carefully validated by scientists and pedagogical experts. Many Quebec schools use our multi-station school versions as innovative teaching tools, in fact.

So why not make the most of your children’s love of video games and offer them some fun and educational adventures? We bet they’ll even appeal to the inner child in you!